Single Case Design Research

CEC-DR Issues Guidance for Use of Single-Case Research (Feb 2018)

Over the past year, the CEC-DR Single Case Design workgroup has worked on the development of two documents intended to provide guidance to schools and districts in using single-case research to identify promising practices for children with significant behavioral and learning needs. These documents (a policy statement and a how-to guide) were recently completed and are designed to help educators distinguish reliable evidence from the jumble of fads and pseudo-scientific practices that claim to be “research-based.” Although similar guidance documents exist, Single Case Design is often overlooked as a valid approach to generating evidence-based practices for school used. These documents are intended to fill a gap in guidance provided to districts and schools, and will be shared with other CEC divisions, school administrators' organizations, and other relevant groups. Please feel free to share them with educators and policy-makers in your networks.

Many thanks to subcommittee chairs Jennifer Ledford and Wendy Rodgers, along with Tim Lewis, Sam Odom, Rob O’Neill, Ilene Schwartz, Kimberly Vannest, and Katie Zimmerman for their thoughtful work on these materials. We envision other dissemination opportunities (e.g., conference presentations, webinars) to follow their release.

Single Case Design: Policy Statement
Single Case Design: How-to-Guide