Nomination Procedures

To submit a nomination for Distinguished Early Career Research Award (self nominations are welcome), email a copy of each of the following by September 15 each year to the email address of the Chair of the award committee (see below):

1. A letter of nomination, NO LONGER THAN 3 pages, addressing each of the following as appropriate:

-- the general theme(s) of the nominee's research
-- important theoretical contributions attributable to the nominee
-- critical research findings
-- degree to which the nominee's work has influenced the work of others both within and outside the field of Special Education, in the areas of practice, teacher preparation, and future research
-- the extent to which the nominee has mentored students or others in research in Special Education

2. The nominee’s complete and current vitae

3. No more than five representative reprints; the emphasis here is to be on primary reports of research, as opposed to books or chapters

4. Names, email addresses, and phone numbers of up to five references familiar with the nominee's work.

Dr. Ron Nelson, Chair
CEC-DR Distinguished Early Career Research Award Committee (